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TRASDEM : Empowerment of social dialogue in trade sector as a contribution to the overreaching EU employment and social policy challenges

TRASDEM is an iniciative of intitutions representing employers which is supported by trade unions. the aim is to empower social dialogue in Slovenian, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese  trade sector as we have to combat employment and social policy chalenges to reach goals set on European level to boost sustainable economy growth.

The activities will be organized on transnational and sectoral level with participation of employers, employees, sectoral, national institutions and bodies representatives

The topics where the project will seek progress in social dialogue are: flexicurity, modernisation of the labour market, quality of work, anticipation, preparation and manage of change and restructuring mobility and migration, youth employment, active ageingactive inclusion and decent work.
The project will also give attention to the promotion of equal participation of women and men in the decison-making bodies of trade unions and employers organisations and to synergies between sectoral committees and inter-professional level.

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