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What is the aim of Recomfor?

    What is the aim of Recomfor?  

Recomfor is a European network, set up to create an area in which mobility of students is widespread and can be carried out for a group of training centres and companies, in 10 different European countries. In order to foster mobility in the Recomfor network, there is transparency in the certifications, training programmes and learning assessment in order to develop recognition and transfer.


The network enhances lifelong learning and mobility for students, job seekers and workers as it enables individuals to improve their professional and personal competences in a European context, respecting individual learning pathways.  In this project, the pilot is set up with the qualification of import-export sales assistant, in the framework of international trade.


Although working on a specific import/export sales vocational training subject, RECOMFOR should have high impact on other future vocational training mobility area. Indeed this project financed by LEONARDO DA VINCI, which is part of the European Union Lifelong Learning Programme, is one of the eleven pilot schemes concerning the ECVET system implementation. As such, the experience led by RECOMFOR could be of interest for a wide range of vocational training subjects.


The Portuguese partners are: CCP and CECOA (Vocational Training Centre for the Trade).